Magnify your Manifesting Power – in person

Magnify your manifesting power – with the New Moon – in person

Whatever you are wanting to change in your life, finances, health and wellbeing, relationships, new home, new car, etc, New Moon is the time to come together and activate an intention.

Women have come together for eons to work with the innate cycles in their bodies, and the cycles of the moon. 

In the energies of this January New Moon, Jennie assists us to connect to our hearts to find the clarity that we so desire in our lives.

Can you feel the inner calling to set new intentions for this year? create the intention, set the vision, and watch it fall into place, just like magic.

You will learn tips, techniques and tools to work with energy, crystals, intentions, and lots of other energetic information which assists in helping you to change your current experience into something you so desire. 

Jennie is a spiritual and energy healer of over 20 years, she teaches that It’s all about energy, intention, and by coming together, we magnify the power of every bodies intention. 



Three years ago I experienced a house fire that destroyed all of my personal belongings, leaving me in a place of starting anew and in a state of deep surrender. Shortly afterwards I attended a New Moon circle held by Jennie and began a process of manifesting all that my soul was yearning for in order for my life to come into alignment with my highest purpose. That night I wrote a very specific list of all that I wanted in a lover, and a month later my now-partner knocked on my door! We are now three years into a deeply nurturing, healing and loving relationship – I found that New Moon list recently and he ticks every box :)!! I seeded intention that night, and in New Moons thereafter, for my dream home, and that one has taken slightly longer. But three years later I have now moved onto my own little slice of heaven. New Moon magick held by a skilled facilitator like Jennie is a powerful, potent business, and I am so deeply grateful for these spaces that helped to bring me into the life I now have. Warm wises, Victoria x.  7/1/2024


Jan 14 2024


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Melbourne, Victoria
2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Melbourne, Victoria

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