Meditation and Awareness Evening with Jennie and Sandy

Jennie and Sandy invite you to four evenings of Meditation and Awakening in your heart.

These evenings allow you to explore the benefits of meditation in your life, increased self awareness, becoming calm in your mind, more focus, and so much more. After the meditation we focus of awareness of what is going on for us right now, along with some tips and intuitive insights from Sandy our Counsellor/Naturopath.

Jennie and Sandy have lots of fun holding these evenings with you

Dates are 17th August 24th August, 31st August, 7th September 8pm – 9pm

We received some feedback from the first set –
I’ve been joining Jennie and Sandy’s Meditation and Awakening zoom sessions for the past 4 weeks .
Thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot and I am now learning to apply to my own life .
Loved the meditation and personal reading resonates so much .

Hope to see more people join to learn from each other

Looking forward to the next ones
Love and light 💜 Sarah


Aug 17 2021


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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