Counselling, Naturopath, Wellbeing Coach

Counselling in combination with Bush Flower Essences

We all need a helping hand, someone to talk to and guidance at some time in our lives. Whether you have arrived at a crossroad, feel
stuck, lost or unsure I am here to assist. 
Offering a non-judgemental, open and supportive space I will be by your side as you freely express yourself, explore the different facets of what you are experiencing and find solutions. 
During confusing and difficult times it is important to reach out and when you do, know that I will be there.   

By combining Intuitive Counselling and Bush Flower Essences you will receive the guidance and emotional support needed to explore past and present circumstances. From this you will gain insight and understanding which leads to feelings of liberation from being released from past burdens and freedom from present limitations.

You will also discover tools and techniques that will expand your awareness and facilitate increased feelings of enthusiasm and joy. Emotional Support

  • Freedom from past burden
  • Liberation from perceived limitations
  • Increased feelings of enthusiasm and joy
  • Provides direction, understanding and clarity


Naturopathy enables your innate ability to heal yourself. Every symptom has a story and by allowing that story to be told you release the emotional undercurrent and thus the associated symptoms. This requires you to engage your mind, nurture your body and explore your soul. Your Naturopathy consultation will provide the information needed to create a personalised plan that will be carefully crafted to meet your individual needs. Giving you:

  • General sense of wellbeing
  • Elevated sense of self
  • Improved Health and More Energy
  • Relief from discomfort


Sandy Lee Newell, ND (BHSc) 
Bachelor of Health Science, Diploma of Counselling 

Email or message 0447 711 507

Counselling Consultations
including Bush Flower Essence $110

Allow one hour. Consultation includes 15 minute follow-up phone call.

60 minute Naturopathy Consultation with Personalised Wellbeing Plan $110
Allow one hour. Consultation includes 15 minute follow-up phone call.

Concession and pension discount available

I really enjoyed the reading with Sandy. She let me work with the essence cards and first we did a meditation. She asked what I felt in my body. From the start I felt relaxed and comfortable. One card was in reference to a vivid dream I had the night before, I couldn't believe it. We discussed things that had been bothering me and I felt the weight of it lift off. I would most definitely go again. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got lots out of it. Thank you.


My session with Sandy was a great experience. It made me feel refreshed and really grounded and gave me new direction. She introduced me to meditation, which really helped me to focus on my positive energy.


As this was my first experience I wasn't sure what to expect and I received more than I could have imagined. Within two days there was a difference. There were shifts in many areas of my life. Also, I had elevated energy. I felt energised and lighter. I became more focused and ambitious.