Vicki Bennett

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Vicki Bennett

Vicki’s passion is to live authentically, to assist others to do the same and become the best version of themselves. She loves being of service and helping others.

Vicki has studied tarot with several teachers, is trained in the BelindaGrace “Becoming a Clairvoyant Healer” Levels 1 & 2 and trained with Rachelle Charman in Crystal Healing. As a gifted Intuitive Tarot reader, Vicki values integrity and honesty. Her readings are powerful and filled with insightful, nurturing, and compassionate wisdom, enabling, and empowering her clients.

Soul Link® is a modality that Vicki is extremely passionate about. She is able to neutralise negative memories and trauma, including PTSD, in minutes with no content. Imagine being free from these restrictions, living freely and without fear. Vicki is able to release a memory without the client having to relive it, without having to share or even talk about it. A truly revolutionary modality.

Vicki has recently completed Four Pillars – Chinese Astrology and is very excited to share this new modality with clients. A Four Pillars chart gives insight into who we are and allows us to learn more about ourselves and the people around us.

She is also Certified in Reiki, Seikhem, Access Bars, Theta, Energetic Kinesiology, Intuitive Massage and Hypnosis. Vicki is currently studying NLP, and this coming year will be continuing her studies in Four Pillars and commencing Feng Shui.

Vicki is excited to share her own unique style of intuitive reading and healing with you. Each healing session is very different as she is always guided to your individual needs.

Vicki is excited to discover what the future holds and would love to assist you on your journey in this magical time.