Here I am writing my first ever blog, I’ve just finished a lovely dinner, completely from my garden – what more could I ask for, nights like this my dreams are being realised.  Freshly picked beans, onions, bok choy, garlic, the first tomatoes of the season, slowly sautéed with coconut oil, homemade stock, the aroma’s make my nose sing, the flavours are absolutely divine, and it’s served with my most favourite vegetable, the sweetcorn with lashings of vegan butter.  I’m in heaven.

Ever since I can remember my mum and dad grew vegetables, we had an abundant garden with so many different varieties of fruit and vegetables that were often cooked in an Asian stye, mum made just about everything from scratch.  I helped out in the garden many times, this is where my passion for gardening began.  Every home I’ve been in since, a vegetable patch was the first thing I began.

Today I’ve had a fabulous time, I’ve been for a lovely fast paced walk through the O’Shannassy Aqueduct trail in Warburton, eaten fresh Dawson plums with such gratitude until my belly was full, I facilitated a distance energy healing session, to a lovely young girl who’s been going through a tough time, and just now, I’ve had a message from her mum to say that she’s been fabulous ever since. This brings me so much joy that I can assist people in this way, especially children and teenagers. I’ve been doing spiritual healing for the past 18 years now, but I’ll write about that another day.

Back to my day, I have had an abundant Dawson plum tree this year so today I made plum jam, plum chutney and plum cake, lost traditions, that are slowly being awakened, they bring joy to my heart and soul, the aroma that’s in my kitchen is so divine.

I have also had a fabulous time in the garden with a friend coming over to help me, she has lived on the famous Findhorn Garden Community, Erraid, it has been so delightful to hear of her experiences there, especially as I am awakening more and more to my vision of creating some kind of community garden involving meditation at The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre which I created three years ago.

Together we netted the ripening tomatoes, weeded, chatted, pruned, revitalised my sad worm farm, listened to the children playing and sat with the garden just to listen, to listen to the garden, it was pure bliss.

Each day more and more of my dreams and desires begin to unfold in front of my eyes, I have learnt now, to allow, to not stress, to keep coming back to the heart, for we have all the answers within if we allow and trust, I’ve got so much to share with you, this is just a snippet of a day in my life.

Much love and light ??? Jennie