About Us

Diamond Light Healing Centre aims to assist in your personal transformation through Energy Healings, Meditations, Airbnb and focussed Healing Retreats.​

Vision Statement

Diamond Light Healing Centre assists participants to experience an expansion of consciousness and enlightenment of self.

Our aim is to enable everyone to experience a connection to their true divine self.
We achieve this by offering energy healings, meditations, workshops, ‘day of transformation’ retreat.

We are based In Warburton, Melbourne.

The unfolding of Diamond Light Healing Centre

Diamond Light Healing Centre has been birthed with loving intention to bring together people from all walks of life and to embrace the Divine Feminine within each and every one of us, through complementary healing modalities, meditations, retreats, beauty, divine love, and much more.

Inspired by a book by Edgar Cayce in her early twenties Jennie has always held the dream to open her own healing centre/retreat space. In his book, Cayce mentions a spiritual healing hospital, where healing takes place on a spiritual level.
The visitors can stay as long as needed and all the food is grown organically on the land.

Jennie has held onto this dream, expanded, and felt into it all this time, and finally 34 years later (in July 2018), she awoke realizing she had a choice; to either keep things chugging along the same or to live her dream.

She decided to live her dream! From that day, with support from those around her, and her guides in spirit, she found the strength, courage and determination to create this centre into what it is today.

Whilst preparing an event in July 2018 named ‘Connect to the Divine Goddess within’ Jennie, went through a lot of internal challenges bringing this event to light. But the beauty of the night, the compassion and love felt by all, blossomed and expanded into this centre, with the mission of enabling everyone to connect to their divine feminine.

The intention of the centre is to bring people, men and women, together to connect to their Divine Feminine through the healings, meditations, and retreats offered.

With the changes since 2020 many changes have happened in the centre in Warburton, it now operates as an Airbnb, and healing centre.