Jennie de Vine

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Sue Wellwood

Jennie has spent the last 20 years focussing on learning energy healing and finding alternative ways of working from the heart to assist people in various ways to work through stress, blockages, anxiety, relationships with others, abundance in life and much more.

She regards herself as a ‘Intuitive Transformational Guide’ as she has worked with hundreds of people, during this time, utilising a plethora of energy healing modalities, over the past 15 years. She has focussed her attention on mums as she believes that by assisting mums to be calm, centred and connected to their true self this will radiate out into their children, family, community and therefore the world.

She is enthusiastic about teaching a variety of meditations on a weekly basis and bringing to the community meditations to heal oneself, and to send love to the world.

Jennie’s deep passion is with her ‘Day of Transformation’ where her role as an Intuitive Transformational Guide really comes into play. It’s a really great day to gift to yourself, taking you from a place of complete overwhelm to a place of inner peace, being inspired and knowing there is hope in the future.

Jennie has learnt many strategies to assist her through her life path and is always passionate about teaching these to others.

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