Cancer Support

Support for people going through the Cancer Journey

Services are in person or online. Phone Jennie on 0438 706 135.

Initial Cancer Consultation $ 250

1st session is usually around 2-3 hours
this consultation can be either in person, on the phone or on zoom call, includes Consultation and a Healing Session

Visiting your home is possible, yet depends on location, travel to and from $50 per hour, in Melbourne suburbs

Individual Cancer Distance Healing Sessions $120 per hour

Depending on your requirements, each following session is approximately 1.5 hours includes phone call and DEHS at an exchange of $120

 Cancer Care Package  $1,500

Cancer Care Package includes initial conversation, 10 healing sessions (I initial, 1 prior to each chemo session (usually 6) and 3 whenever you feel you need during the period of care) including 3 further support conversations, if necessary.

Can be paid with payment plan

Meditations – complimentary Valued at $120

Highly beneficial to the healing journey of Cancer is Meditation,
you have free access to my Monday Morning Meditations (45 mins), whilst going through chemotherapy journey.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and was diagnosed with colon cancer in March 2015.

During my Chemo treatment Jennie has been giving me spiritual healing from Melbourne. I feel so good after her healing. It gives me lots of energy and calmness.

Jennie is devoted to the healing she channels and her advice on meditation has been a tremendous help.

Her love and understanding are welcome and I look forward to her future sessions.

June D (Auckland, NZ) 4/11/2015

Jennie de Vine has been a personal friend of mine for many years. Four and a half years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.

My tumour was considered to be virtually in-operable due to the fact it was impacting other vital organs. After considering all the treatment options available, and being told by both Traditional Chinese and Western doctors that these two treatments were not compatible when applied together, I chose Western Medicine as my primary treatment. However as I had to wait three weeks before treatment began I consulted Jennie to assist me. I began Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jennie's spiritual healing for three weeks, after which time the Chinese Medicine was deferred and I began both daily radiotherapy at a leading Hospital, and constant 24 hour X 7 days chemotherapy with a portable intravenous pack for six weeks. No treatment by surgery was undertaken.

Throughout this time Jennie treated me with weekly spiritual healings. I always felt greatly comforted and healed after each treatment, continuing these healings over the past four years, as well as meditating daily.

My specialists at the Hospital now considered me to be cured of cancer and are delighted with my recovery.

I truly believe Jennie's healing was greatly beneficial to me and assisted in my recovery.

In March 2015 BG phoned me to advise me of her ten year all clear from cancer. I was delighted to hear of her amazing progress, we continue to keep in touch.

BG Testimonial, (East Malvern) 07/07/2010