Cancer Support

Support for people going through the Cancer Journey

If you are reading this you may possibly have just become aware that you have a form of cancer in your body or someone dear to you has begun the cancer journey and you wish to support them with love and understanding of their energetic bodies and supportive natural healing modalities.

Firstly I wish to send much love and understanding to you, as I have both had dear friends and close relatives go through this journey. Supporting people through this time in their life has indeed been a great honour for me, that I truely cherish.  As we get to know each other, and weave our way through the ups and downs of the coming treatments. I share my deepest knowledge and understanding, tools and techniques I have learnt over the past 20 years of working with many energetic healing modalities, to make the journey lighter, brighter, and with more ease, I have found that we build a lovely relationship that lasts for many years to come.

What do I offer

I offer support in the way of Consultations and ‘Distance Energetic Healing Sessions’ (DEHS) which strengthen the bodies invisible energetic systems, (the aura, chakras, meridians, and so forth) to assist you to be able to manage the challenges of chemo/radiation throughout your journey with cancer, enabling your body and mind to feel stronger and more resilient in the process. 

What I have witnessed after my DEHS is that the recipient feels stronger, more at ease, more trusting of the process and supported whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the process from a different and usually new perspective. 

 My consultations and DEHS equip you with tools and techniques that will assist you to feel more positive about yourself and your body while you are navigating cancer in your life. These tools and techniques are based around mind body awareness, meditations, sound vibrational support, healing prayers, food awareness and much more, including learning how to become present with your body as this is an integral part of the process.

My deepest belief and understanding of us as human beings, is that we are spiritual beings first and foremost, made of energy, these DEHS connect and bring in the necessary energy, into the necessary layers of your aura, chakras, meridians (and much more) igniting the will force, allowing the body to fully integrate the healing into the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of itself. In turn these sessions strengthen your internal will power, your mental awareness and help the body to cope from a stronger position with the influx of chemicals and radiation that it is having to deal with. 

When going through chemotherapy or radiation therapy, there is so much going on and your physical body is very tired coping with the medications, trips to the hospital, back home etc. This usually makes it difficult to visit unless close-by. I do offer home visits upon request by the client or support team.

Most people going through cancer treatments are very tired or live far away so choose to opt for DEHS, which includes a phone call if necessary, and a check in the next day, in which the recipient usually reports very positive changes within themselves and their body.

Since 2000 I have worked with many people on their cancer journey, which has enabled me to get a deeper understanding of what natural techniques can support them. 

Those that are dedicated enough to put into practise my teachings have received the most benefits. 

Those that start the journey with me from the onset usually have more benefits in the long run. 

Once you decide to go ahead, a support plan will be created – How does this look?

Firstly an initial consultation takes place. This can be done at Diamond Light Healing Centre, your home, by phone or internet platforms like zoom. This session is usually quite transformational as we work together to clear the way forward for you.
This session is best done before you begin the chemo/radiation therapy as the mind often is foggy  after chemo/radiation.

We talk about where you are at right now, what procedures you are booked in for, and what I can do to support you.
As you can imagine it’s different for every person. 

During this session I share lots of tips and techniques so you are aware of how I work, and what will support you on your journey.
We talk about what strategies will support you when you may not be feeling so good and when you are feeling good.

An Energetic Healing Session is undertaken at this stage whereby I clear your body at an energetic level as much as possible to strengthen and support your physical, mental, emotional self for the next stages of your journey.
This can be done at Diamond Light Healing Centre, your home, or by distance.

Keeping connected is important, not only for your moral but understanding what is happening on an energetic level. Any questions are answered and support is given when it’s requested.
In what ever way suits you best, phone, email or text.

I have witnessed that if an Energetic Healing Session is given prior to any chemo/radiation treatments, the body is in a much stronger and resilient place to cope with the after affects.  And felt and witnessed but not yet proven is the increase in white blood cells, which is highly beneficial when going through the chemo journey.
We co-ordinate our times for each session according to your appointment schedule.

Supporting people navigating the cancer journey is a great honour for me, and I whole-heartily hold in your in place of unconditional love during the time we are together.

Services are in person or online. Phone Jennie on 0438 706 135.

Initial Cancer Consultation $ 250

1st session is usually around 2-3 hours
this consultation can be either in person, on the phone or on zoom call, includes Consultation and a Healing Session

Visiting your home is possible, yet depends on location, travel to and from $50 per hour, in Melbourne suburbs

Individual Cancer Distance Healing Sessions $120 per hour

Depending on your requirements, each following session is approximately 1.5 hours includes phone call and DEHS at an exchange of $120

 Cancer Care Package  $1,500

Cancer Care Package includes initial conversation, 10 healing sessions (I initial, 1 prior to each chemo session (usually 6) and 3 whenever you feel you need during the period of care) including 3 further support conversations, if necessary.

Can be paid with payment plan

Meditations – complimentary Valued at $120

Highly beneficial to the healing journey of Cancer is Meditation,
you have free access to my Monday Morning Meditations (45 mins), whilst going through chemotherapy journey.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and was diagnosed with colon cancer in March 2015.

During my Chemo treatment Jennie has been giving me spiritual healing from Melbourne. I feel so good after her healing. It gives me lots of energy and calmness.

Jennie is devoted to the healing she channels and her advice on meditation has been a tremendous help.

Her love and understanding are welcome and I look forward to her future sessions.

June D (Auckland, NZ) 4/11/2015

Jennie de Vine has been a personal friend of mine for many years. Four and a half years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.

My tumour was considered to be virtually in-operable due to the fact it was impacting other vital organs. After considering all the treatment options available, and being told by both Traditional Chinese and Western doctors that these two treatments were not compatible when applied together, I chose Western Medicine as my primary treatment. However as I had to wait three weeks before treatment began I consulted Jennie to assist me. I began Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jennie's spiritual healing for three weeks, after which time the Chinese Medicine was deferred and I began both daily radiotherapy at a leading Hospital, and constant 24 hour X 7 days chemotherapy with a portable intravenous pack for six weeks. No treatment by surgery was undertaken.

Throughout this time Jennie treated me with weekly spiritual healings. I always felt greatly comforted and healed after each treatment, continuing these healings over the past four years, as well as meditating daily.

My specialists at the Hospital now considered me to be cured of cancer and are delighted with my recovery.

I truly believe Jennie's healing was greatly beneficial to me and assisted in my recovery.

In March 2015 BG phoned me to advise me of her ten year all clear from cancer. I was delighted to hear of her amazing progress, we continue to keep in touch.

BG Testimonial, (East Malvern) 07/07/2010