Reiki-Spiritual-Energy Healing Sessions

Assisting to you be calm, centred and connected to your true self

Jennie’s Intuitive Healing Sessions are deeply relaxing and replenishing, consisting of a unique blend of holistic modalities she has learned over the past 22 years as a Healing Practitioner. (Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Sekhem, Crystals, Intuitive, NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Your Intuitive Healing Session will assist you to move through life’s challenges with ease and grace, bringing you to a place of internal peace and oneness with the universe, igniting within you a desire to move forward.

During your Intuitive Healing Session, Jennie will lovingly support and gently guide you to release all that no longer serves you. She will reconnect you to your life-force, your vitality, cleanse and balance your chakras, meridians, auric field, and bring healing to your inner child.

Jennie can also assist you in looking at your life from a spiritual  perspective. If you are going through challenges in your life, whether it be personal, work related,  difficulties with others or the passing of a loved one, Jennie has been working with the spiritual world for over 20 years now and has many tips and tricks to assist you to move through with ease and grace.


Services are in person or online. Book by phoning Jennie on 0438 706 135.

Reiki Healing $100 for one hour

One hour Reiki Healing session, allowing the deeply relaxing energies of Reiki to permeate through your being.

Energy Healing Session $ 200 for two hours

This session is a combination of Reiki, Spiritual Healing and supportive healing modalities to assist you in your life with stress, anxiety, blockages, and moving forward. Giving you tips tools and strategies to be able to move through life with ease and grace.

The session will bring you to a place of internal peace, releasing stress, anxiety, tension etc. it brings clarity and assists
you to move forward in your life in a more positive way. 

Follow-up sessions 1 1/2 hours – $150

Energy Healing session with modern technology $100 per hour
Energy Healing as above done via zoom, just as effective from your home.
consists of 1 1/2–2 hours on zoom.

4 session package can use during one year $800
This package is 4 sessions of intuitive transformational healing
to be used within one year.

Tea Leaf/Tarot and Card Intuitive Readings $80
A intuitive combination of a personalised reading and healing over 1 hour

Coming soon...
Reiki Classes

Jennie creates and holds a profoundly beautiful and loving healing space.
My treatment with Jennie felt like a reconnection with eternity and a limitless state of being. I was able to connect with a part of myself that had lain dormant for some time, buried under the constant grind of parenting and working.
I came out of my treatment with Jennie feeling cleansed, and connected to the core of the earth and the heart of the cosmos.
Jennie is a wonderful healer who has the ability to create a safe and incredibly deep space, where one's heart and being can truly BE. xx

I’m very lucky I heard of Jennie de Vine from a friend.
I have Bipolar Disorder and have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for many years.
I’ve had 13 psychiatric hospital admissions and my life was going no where until I saw Jennie.
Jennie has helped me from heavy depression to start to make choices in my life.
Having a disability like I have is hard to live with and Jennie has been like a ray of sunshine in my life.
Jennie has given me coping strategies for both anxiety and depression.
And when I react Jennie helps me with life. I have a lot of sensitivity from all the trauma I’ve had and I tend to see threats that aren’t really there.
Jennie has helped my day to day functioning and I cannot recommend her enough.
As I said I’m lucky I saw Jennie when I did. Otherwise I’d still be in deep depression not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.


Anna H

I began seeing Jennie for therapeutic support for complex-PTSD 18 months ago. As an NDIS participant I have had the opportunity to try several different modalities to support myself with this intense condition, and this was the first time that I felt more than simply supported to get by, but that actual healing of my condition was taking place, and that I was finally moving from basic surviving to thriving in my life.

I can't recommend Jennie highly enough. She is an incredible balance of grounded knowledge, reliability and kindness mixed with the deep wisdom and beautiful energy that she brings to her healing support work. The space that she has created at her healing centre is transformative, and just by being there I found my levels of hope for the future increase.

The sessions range from being simply a place to feel nourished and relaxed (even in crisis mental health moments), I sought out Jennie's support, and was always brought back to a more stable grounded space by her treatments), to delving deeper into the core issues and bringing them to the surface for healing. This delving happens in such a gentle way that I did not need to be re-traumatised in any way in order to address these things.

Initially I benefitted from weekly treatments for some months, moving to treatments when something was coming up for me. I also got a lot of benefit from the group workshops and courses that Jennie runs, which I was supported by NDIS to attend.

Through the work I have done with Jennie, I am finding that I am able to find tools in my own toolbox now to manage things that come up for me, and am reaching out less and less to her. So for me - 18 months on - I am seeing lasting change in regards to my PTSD from this work. The spaces between my trauma triggers have lessened considerably, and when they do come up I have a sense of understanding myself and what needs to take place for health. I am deeply grateful to have had access to this therapy and support as it has improved the quality of my life considerably.


Victoria M

I came to Jennie at a time of extreme anxiety, coupled with some tough depression I couldn’t shift; even using techniques I’d developed over many years. Jennie was an angel manifested in bringing me back to me

Over a number of sessions I committed to the healing pathway Jennie illuminated . The first sessions was transformational and I want people to know that all healing needs time and reinforcement. Jennie has also supported me in manifesting what my heart most desires and I walk the sunshine in my heart in where I live now. It’s never too late. You can always shift to a lighter happier vibration of Who You Really Are with Jennie’s wonderful grounded and uplifting support

Jennie is authentic, real, kind and giving. I value her greatly as a human being I’m lucky to have come across in life

Anne A