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as promised, here is the information on ‘getting to know your chakra’s

Getting to know your chakras

To begin with, it is my understanding is that as human beings we are spiritual beings first and foremost living inside our beautiful physical body, 

This spiritual part of us is made up of different layers of energy called our aura, this surrounds us and intertwines within our body, 

Each of these layers are inter-connected to our chakras, which are spinning energy centres that are connected to our emotions, thoughts, feelings, various organs and parts of our body. 

At this time in the world, there is so much evidence around about our aura and chakras through kirlian photography, and from some people like me who can see or sense the aura and chakra’s,

Have a look at this image, it is of a clear bright aura in relation to each of the chakras, can you see how the colours of the chakras, radiate out into the aura, and the colours relate to different areas of the body.

According to ancient wisdom, there are actually 114 chakras which are also called ‘nadis’ in your body, but most people are only aware of the 7 main chakras. 

Personally, I work with 24 chakras which include these 7 with others located above the crown chakra, and between and below these ones shown. There is so much information to be gained through learning about this you will be surprised I’m sure.

Our chakra’s, are energy centres which spin, they radiate through your body, front and back, like vortexes.

Within our body we also house meridians, which are also important to our health and wellbeing, they are also connected to our chakra’s and aura. The meridians move energy around the body.

When we are fully vibrant and healthy in all aspects of our life, the chakras are clear, vibrant and spinning, we feel amazing, love our life and are at peace. 

But most of us don’t feel like that right? 

That’s because in my experience most of us have had hurtful experiences in our life and this emotional pain can be held as energy inside the chakra’s (which we call blocked or stagnant energy) and once this blocked energy is released we begin our journey of coming back to our true self, feeling free, light, love, and abundant, supported, connected to the divine and much more.

Now lets go through the chakras  

The Base or Root chakra is located at the bottom of our spine, the colour associated with the base chakra is deep red.

This chakra is the foundation of support for our physical and spiritual well being.

If you are feeling like your basic needs are not being met in regards to survival, personal safety, security, this is an indication that this chakra is not clear and you may be experiencing fears, anxiety, eating disorders, nightmares, and possibly have issues in your colon, bladder, lower back area.

You may be feeling distant, ungrounded and disconnected from reality, and your responses to situations can come with fright, flight or freeze, reaction, if this is the case, it is likely that your base chakra is blocked or stagnant in someway. 

When your base chakra is clear and shiny you will feel that your basic needs are being met, you will feel secure, supported, you will feel grounded and have vitality. 

There are many affirmations for our chakras, I am sharing the ones I am working with at the moment. So the affirmation for the base chakra is – 


The next chakra up is our Sacral Chakra which is located above the pubic bone, below the naval, it’s colour is deep orange.

This chakra is about our creativity, reproduction, joy, enthusiasm and relationships. This means relationship with self also.

If the sacral chakra is not clear we will feel a sense of emotional instability, perhaps sense a fear of change, this can also show up as depression, addictions, sexual issues and dysfunction, 

When our sacral chakra is clear and spinning we will feel joyful, creative, abundant, and will be able to hold our personal boundaries.


The Solar Plexus is located in the upside-down V of the rib cage. It is golden Yellow in colour

This chakra is about Growth, Personal Power, Expansiveness and Digestion.

If your solar plexus chakra is out of balance you may criticise or judge yourself, the physical effects may present as digestive, respiratory and nervous system imbalances, or low immunity and allergies. 

If your solar plexus chakra is clear and spinning well, you will feel confident, have high self esteem, feel a sense of fun, humour and own your personal power 


The Heart Chakra is located at the centre of your chest at heart level. It is Emerald Green 

Your heart chakra is about your Devotion, Passions, a sense of unconditional love for everything, your Heart and blood Circulation 

If it’s blocked or not spinning, you may sense grief, loss, feel not connected, sense pain in you heart, jealousy, low self esteem, unworthiness.

If your heart chakra is clear and spinning well, you will experience unconditional love, joy, wisdom, goodwill, selflessness, acceptance.


The Throat Chakra is located at the throat. It is turquoise in colour it is about your self expression 

If your throat chakra is not clear you may experience negative thinking, be unable to speak up about situations in life, and physically have effects in your throat, ears, mouth, shoulders, neck.

If the throat chakra is clear and spinning well, you will be able to express yourself clearly to another, listen well, stand up for your beliefs. 


The third eye chakra is located just above the eyebrows it is indigo blue in colour

This charka is about your intuition, wisdom and perception.

If this chakra is not clear, we would view the world with fear, judgement, separation, sadness, it affects and governs the brain, nervous system, eyes, nose, pineal and pituitary gland. 

If this chakra is spinning and clear we would have clear insight and clarity, with trust in our intuition, we would recognise patterns in our life, and realise you can consciously create your life.


The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. It is violet in colour.

This chakra is about your connection to the divine 

If this chakra is blocked or not spinning, you will experience materialistic thoughts, be stuck in thinking, may be overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, have disassociation, apathy, isolation, and feel ungrounded. 

If this chakra is healthy you will – radiate health, peace and effortless energy, have a beautiful connection with other beings, heaven and earth and all of universe, intuition, imagination, universal flow, artistic qualities, spiritual purpose.


Now I’m all for learning and practising and moving through things myself, however there can be times in our life, when we need help and support, and that’s ok, as we are connective beings.

If you feel your chakras are not clear, then using the following tips will help you.


For all of these chakras to become clear and spinning vibrantly, there are a few things we can do daily to assist them 

If you are able to commit to doing these practises for a few minutes each day, you will feel a new sense of health and well-being, changes in your life, and a deeper understanding of the whole 

Meditation  is a wonderful way to support you in many areas of your life. A few minutes of meditation on each chakra every day, just being present with your chakras, envisioning the colour of each chakra, and saying an affirmation in relation to this chakra can really change things for you. 

Another technique I suggest is to breathe in the love and light from the universe into each chakra and blow it out the back and front of each chakra until it feels clear. – we will have a go of this in our meditation. 

If you are able to do just these few things each day you will feel an improvement in your health and wellbeing 

If you feel you would like some support with clearing your aura and chakras, I am available for energy healing sessions, or my Day of Transformation retreat.

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