Today I’m reflecting on some of the things I love to bring to the centre.

One of my favourite things I do is gatherings for women, or moon gatherings, acknowledging and utilising the energies of the moon for your highest good.

I first discovered the beautiful connectedness that you can experience by  participating in women’s events through taking my children through a Steiner education. I learnt that when women gathered together there was so much wisdom to be shared, so much knowledge to be gained, so much power to tune into, so much beauty that I hadn’t experienced before, and so much love. It was the love, beauty and connection that I really connected with, the knowledge and wisdom seemed a blessing, but all in all I knew that deep inside I yearned for more of these connective events with women.

Through going to some special events with women, I gained a deeper understanding and began the journey of holding small gatherings myself.  The richness and depth that it gave me I just couldn’t express, each group was different depending on who was present and who held it. I discovered some pretty special woman lived near me in my community and the support was incredible if one woman was going through a hard time in her life.

One of the parts that I adored was the setting up of the space, bringing together gorgeous fabrics, crystals, flowers, candles, bits from nature, and if you were invited to, enjoy what others brought with them to the gathering, and listening to why they brought those things along, and often the story of how they had met.

There would always be an honouring of the gathering, that had just been created, a lighting of a candle to begin, some deep heart felt connection where women shared their deepest feelings, insights, emotions, troubles, elations, and some way of bringing in the light to the circle of wonderful women, even if you had never met before, you felt connected in these groups.

So today, I continue to hold a few events at the centre, I focus on woman as that’s where I’m at at present. Menopause is one age group that I tend to focus on as it was a time in my life where I didn’t know what was going on for me, and I knew others around me didn’t either.  Each month I hold a ‘Menopause’ Gathering to bring some knowledge and wisdom, and connection into those women’s lives, I know that they really enjoy it and so do I.

I hold events for women who request it for either their friends, as an alternative to a Hen’s night, and to celebrate women in general with a ‘Goddess Event’ – these are really special and are lots of fun.

To hold a space for women, to decorate this space, combine crystals and my love of energy healing for these women, to me is an honour and something I will do for some time yet to come.