Spring has arrived, warming our bodies, mind and souls. Bringing fresh new energies, life force and enthusiasm from within.

Here is a photo of a part of the garden at the healing centre, filled with an abundance of spring flowers, I am so enjoying being here, it feels nurturing, peaceful and abundant.

I trust that you are also feeling these new energies arise within you, and are following your heart, your joy, your passions in life, it really makes such a difference to take the time to stop, breathe, and listen to your heart/higher self – ask yourself, please show me the way, you will be surprised at the messages that you get, and combining that with the inspiration from within you, to take those steps, to trust this intuition, life is so amazing, I wonder what will happen next for you?

My spring news that I’d love to share with you, is that my book ‘Rise Above Life, Transform Stress, Anxiety & Depression’ is finally at the printers as I write to you. Writing this book was easy as it arose from within, as I allowed the words to come out of me. The challenging part has been everything else since the writing! l have learnt so many new skills over these past fews years, and could write another book one day, but not just yet, it’s time for preparing for the Mind Body Spirit festival in November and then some serious rest, self love and recuperation is on the agenda

If you’d like to order my new book ???? It will be available mid October/early November.

You can pre-order if from my website  and pick it up from Warburton,
The Mind Body Spirit Festival, or a shop in Kallista.

I will be having a book launch at a lovely gift shop in Kallista, currently scheduled for October the 15th, however this may have to be moved to a date in November – if you are interested in coming along, please let me know and I’ll give you the correct date and time when I know. The hold up is with the printers cleaning their machines at this time, and printing times are being affected.

As you may know, I will be attending the Mind Body and Spirit Festival, in Melbourne November 10th, 11th and 12th, do come along, and say hi, I’m currently booked into D12 stand.

I also will be having a talk in the ‘Speakers Lounge’ about ‘Getting to know your chakras’ giving some valuable information about how your aura and chakras affect your overall health and wellbeing. This will be at 5pm on Saturday the 11th.

I’m still available for private sessions in Warburton, if you are feeling you need some energy moved, wish to feel lighter and brighter, and back on your path to freedom.

Here is a online booking link, otherwise you can phone me on Ph 0438 706 135 to book a time.

Sessions I offer are

  1. One hour deeply relaxing Reiki Energy Healing
  2. Two hours – consultation with identifying and clearing old habits, conditioning, blockages, including a deeply relaxing Reiki Energy Healing.
  3. My ‘Day of Transformation’ – 5 hours with me doing the above with a delicious vegan lunch, a stroll along the aqueduct and a Reiki session.
  4. One hour of  a Tarot reading and Healing.
  5. Distance Healing sessions – a connecting chat on a zoom call with a Reiki energy healing sent after our conversation.

Well that’s about it from me right now, !

Until we meet again, if you have any questions at all, please be in touch.

Enjoy spring, flourish and shine, and I’ll be back in your in box in Summer.

Many blessings.

Love and light ???????????? always

Jennie de Vine
Author of ‘Rise Above Life’
Diamond Light Healing Centre
Universal Reiki
Diamond Light Healing Centre

For bookings or Ph 0438 706 135

Gifts available:- handmade soaps and nurturing bath salts, crystals, gift cards, vouchers and oracle cards and my new book ‘ Rise Above Life, Transform Stress, Anxiety and Depression’


A testimonial from one of my lovely clients. 

Jennie de Vine is a rare gem of a healer

She helped me from an extended period of depression and anxiety to making clear and empowering choices for myself.

I saw Jennie weekly for 4 weeks and will continue to see her.  I chose weekly as I was seeking a shift from the dark night of the soul I was experiencing.

Jennie has healing hands and helped me talk it through.  She has great wisdom and shares expressions like … “Sharing too much with others can lead to you feeling like a leaky sieve”.

It’s good to be mindful of how you share and what you allow others to say in influencing your energy.

I can’t recommend Jennie enough for how she created a shift in my depression and anxiety from day 1.  I felt enveloped in her loving divine presence.

With deep gratitude,

Mary D  26/5/202