Today my love for my garden comes into my mind, as relish in the abundance from my tomato patch.

During my childhood, I was taken to a friend of my mother’s home, that day she introduced me to homemade tomato sauce, I will always remember that experience – wow the taste sizzled in my mouth, what a sensation compared to the red plastic container of sauce that had appeared at dinner tables wherever I had been previously. 

From the tin cans that we purchased at the supermarket to the glass bottles that decorated one’s shelves, I knew instantly that I needed to know about this old skill.

After depending my connection with this lady, and many other elderly ladies on my journey, I learnt many skills into an area that I hadn’t discovered before. Preserving. The aromas, the tastes, the peaches in the middle of winter for breakfast, make my heart sing and keep my passion for preserves alive each year.

Over the years with children and my many gardens I have gradually had the time to make tomato sauce, gherkins, picked onions, chutney’s, jams, plum sauce, and so much more. I have always preferred organic fruit and vegetables and sometimes to find 20-30 kilos of tomatoes has been a challenge in my local area.

But last year, 2020, with all it’s happenings it really allowed me the time to create a new garden, there was much to do, the previous owners had left lots of rubbish in the land, and it took many hours. I put chicken net around it with my sons help, put in a watering system and now I get to enjoy many varieties of tomatoes grow from little plants into plants that are bigger than me and abundant in tomatoes. 

So this is the year 2021, that I have an abundance in my garden and more than enough to make my own old fashioned tomato sauce, tomato passata, dehydrated tomatoes, share some and eat them to my hearts content.