Holding New Moon Gatherings is so dear to my heart. I love preparing a space, decorating it and inviting women into it. I have found that women love spaces that are nurturing to their body, mind and soul, to bring together the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional, with beautiful decor, flowers, crystals, candles, chocolate and fresh fruit is so nurturing.

This months New Moon in April 2021, was held in our Amethyst Room as it’s getting a little colder now that autumn has arrived. I invite in lots of beautiful support from Mother Earth, the Divine and our Ancestors, and much more, you can feel these energies coming around to support us with our intentions. This month the moon was supporting us with our personal goals, but also with love, money and communication. There is lots of power around this month as there are four planets in Aries territory! Time for action.

It is important to be clear about our intentions, we have to write down how we want our new life to be right now in the present, and hold that image with the feeling, this really helps with the vibration of bringing the intention into our life.

We also pull a card from ‘The Divine Feminine Oracle’ card set we have here at the centre, it’s such a beautiful supportive set of cards for women on their awakening journey to the divine feminine power that resides within them.

Tonight we had fresh figs in abundance from my garden, fresh strawberries, fresh Lemon Verbena tea, and the most divine vegan chocolate I have found to date – Bennetto Natural Foods, “Raspberries in Dark”.

Hope you can join us one night, I hold New Moon each month, and our Full Moon Gatherings are around the internal strengthening power of ‘Belly Dancing’ – it’s so much fun ! much Love and light ??? Jennie Xx