In 2021 I decided that it was time to put pen to paper, and share my knowledge and wisdom I had gained through my own healing journey, and the journey of being a energy healer and teaching others. I chose to do this as I was sharing lots of information to many people, and felt it would be handy for them to have it in a book form, so they could be easily reminded of tools and techniques to use when needed.

It’s certainly an interesting process writing a book, I want to keep it simple and easy to read, simplicity is key in my teachings, as I believe we make life far too complicated. Life is actually very simple when we know how. The book contains many tools and tips that I have used myself when I have either been unwell, troubled, stuck or discombobulated in my life. I am constantly being reminded to use these tools as I go through life, and I constantly find that they bring me back to my centre, and myself so that I can move forward with ease and grace.

There is far more to writing a book than one would understand if one hasn’t gone through the process, There are so many aspects of book writing that I am constantly learning through a program that I am currently doing with a publishing company. I’m lucky to be supported on my writing journey. Sometimes life gets in the way also, this has held me up quite a bit, also some fear and doubt, that creeps up. But I continue to do my healing work, and when I do I am constantly reminded that the things that I teach help people a lot, so onwards I go, I write another page or so.

My book was originally going to be two books, but now it’s one book in two parts. Part one explains all the tools you need to be able to live life to its fullest, so you can move through challenges with ease and grace, and be able to bring yourself to a place of inner peace each time. Part two is to be used once you have understood and put into place the teachings of part one, as its integral to be able to bring yourself out of the lower emotions with the tools in part one. Part two focuses on ‘manifesting what you want in life’ and how to go about the process. It’s so much fun when you understand that it’s actually very easy to ask the universe for what you want and it just appears, I have had many many experiences of this, and I share how I do this in part two of the book.

We all yearn for different things in our life, and as such we can get these things if our vibration is in the right place. This is what this book is about, keeping your vibration high so that you can life the life you so desire. I look forward to sharing the book with you, currently I have written part one, and part two is about to begin, the aim is to have it published early 2023, let’s see how that goes.

If you are interested in getting a copy of my book, please send me an email and I’ll put you on the waiting list, thank you. Love and light ??? Jennie