Welcome to 2023

I trust you had a lovely Christmas time and a nice holiday with the family.

I have a question for you today.
How are your New Years Resolutions going ?

Good I hope, but unfortunately for some of us they are not.

I thought in this newsletter I’d share my perspective on this, a couple of reasons why its difficult to change our eating habits, drinking, smoking, behaviours etc. along with some tips and tools as to what you can do to support yourself.

As we are naturally evolving human beings, there is always a deep yearning to change things from they way they are to another way. Energetically the New Year brings this excitement as we gather together and commit to ourselves with friends or family.

I have discovered that if we want to make change, we really need to want to do that, and if that is the case, we need to make a commitment to ourselves. This can be referred to as ‘Self Love’.

Sometimes this is all we need, but what can happen, and what I witness sometimes in myself and clients, is that we make the commitment, then we wander along thinking the same old way, doing the same old things, we end up in the old patterns and conditionings or our beliefs, immersed in our old habits, conditionings of society and our parents, and go back to our old ways, we can’t shift the urge to stop smoking, make conscious choices about our eating etc etc. Then we fall back into our same old state, we were at the end of December, often feeling worse for not having achieved what we would have liked. ?

Making a commitment to self is challenging, it takes strength, courage and sometimes as humans, we actually need support. Some of us have the ability to call upon this from within ourselves, some of us don’t. There are many reasons why this is the way, which I won’t go into in this letter.

When you visit me for the first time I explain that we are energetic beings, living inside a human body. I also explain that everything is energy, our thoughts, feelings, experiences etc, If this is so, then in our energetic body, we are holding a lot of energy (probably heavy or dense) in our aura and chakras that weighs us down. Most of us are oblivious to this, but do experience a feeling of lightness and feeling freer after a energy healing with me, as I cleanse through your aura and chakras, releasing all the heavy energy which has been created from our negative thoughts, feelings, experiences, habits, conditioning, lack of self love and much more. – remember everything is energy.

To begin the New Year with new intentions is a wonderful thing, to be able to uphold that is even more wonderful. The things that can support you even further are

– Watch your thoughts, – that monkey mind is tricky and likes the old ways
– Be conscious of what your intention was and what you are doing each moment
– Be kind to yourself – sometimes we slip up and that’s ok, just re connect to yourself and keep going
– Have an energy healing to kick start the process !
– Call in all your angels and ancestors to support you in making the changes (I do this in the healing also)
– Change your habits that are connected to the things you want to change, ie, if you want a drink, stop for a moment, what drink could I choose here, – be conscious.
– Take some time in meditation to visualise yourself being how you would like yourself to be, see yourself being that, and hold that vision, with love and joy in your heart.
– Energy healings help to release the old habits and conditionings, especially if you come with that intention, I have seen many people move forward with the assistance of their aura and chakras being cleansed.

Well I hope those tips help you on your way to changing how you would like to be – if you are wanting change. All the best with it, you will feel better for committing to self, and feel amazing once you have achieved it. ?

If you have been following me on fb, you will know that I have had a blue diamond with some words of wisdom on it for the past few years.

This year I decided it was time for a change!

This is my new fb post look, I’d love your comments if you felt to share.

I’m now available for sessions,

1 hour Reiki,
2 hour Intuitive Healing & Reiki,
5 hour Day or Transformation
Distance Healing Sessions (zoom and Distance Reiki)
Tarot reading.

My website has all the details here – Diamond Light Healing Centre

I am now available at Warburton only, I have left Kensington for many reasons, all good, – it was a inspirational adventure, I’m moving forwards again, life has it’s many pathways, and it’s all about how you BE within that.

I really look forward to seeing you in Warburton if you are ready to cleanse up your energetic bodies, get ready for the months ahead, connecting with your heart and souls journey.

My book is basically finished and I’m ready for the next steps into a new world of publishing a book – how exciting, I can’t wait to bring it to you all.

Many blessings

Love and light always ???

Jennie de Vine
Universal Reiki
Diamond Light Healing Centre

For bookings Ph 0438 706 135

Energy Healing Sessions
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Gifts available:- handmade soaps and nurturing bath salts, crystals, gift cards, vouchers and oracle cards
I recently received a couple of lovely Testimonials that I thought I’d share with you just in case you or you know someone going through similar experiences.
Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Cancer, I was then introduced to Jennie. Jennie was the light and wisdom I needed in this time. I was riddled with cancer the results I received in a very short time was nothing short of a miracle. Jennie was / is a great support, I cannot thank Jennie enough for giving my life new meaning and awakening parts of me that I never knew existed. Jennie you are a angel and I thank you for everything ?✨? 2021 from Alison

I just wanted to fill you in on the last few weeks since my transformation day with you. The 3 main areas of concern for me were career, finances and health and I am happy to report there has been a massive turnaround in all 3. The biggest news I want to share with you is that I secured a placement with child protection services which is a dream come true for me. I received the call this morning. I am flooded with tears of joy and gratitude. Thank you so much ?❤️?❤️ I know now with complete certainty that this is the beginning of living my life on purpose and in service. D. 04/2022