Sometimes in life we opportunities come our way that are totally unexpected. Kensington was this for me, completely out of the blue (with blessings). Melbourne had been creeping out of the Covid restrictions for a few months, and everyone was going gently through their new life.

Prior to covid a inspirational lady stayed at the Diamond Light Retreat Airbnb in Warburton, for a few days, she fell in love with it and wanted to create something like that around herself in her home in Melbourne.We had a few years apart, but kept in touch through my New Moon Meditations online and various other energetic support that I offer to people in business.

In September 2022, this lady called me and offered me a space in her new abode, which was a stunning place and much larger than her previous abode. At the time life was a bit stagnant for me, I felt like I was being gifted something special. I had many signs along the way to pay attention to and things began to flow, life had got exciting again, I decided to take up the opportunity, I felt re-inspired to do my weekly meditations, in a slightly different way, and have felt so comfortable and embraced in the community of Kensington.

I am looking forward to meeting many new people on my journey, bringing in the light and love into the area and beyond. I will be in Kensington Wednesdays and Thursdays, with a different meditation each Wednesday night.