Grief Garden Gathering

Grief Garden Gathering – A space to come together to be present with grief, including a healing meditation, community, cuppa, cake, lighting a candle, heart space holding.
I have been inspired to hold this event from a magical day I had in my garden, where I was taking some time to garden, all of a sudden a white light came over me, straight into my crown chakra, a vision of a rainbow appeared with the words ‘Grief Garden’ within. My heart was opened so wide, tears streamed down my face, I knew that it was something special.
Over the next few days I googled grief gardens, they are all over the world in different shapes and forms. My garden could be one of these, I thought, so here I am offering it up to those who would like to join in.
On the 10th of December, 3-5pm, as a space to recognise, honour and be present for grief. I open my heart to others experiencing grief, I offer my tools as a spiritual + energy healer of 22 years, with a meditation, and being present for grief together.
Wether you are grieving the loss a mother, father, child, sibling, animal, job, home, your dreams, etc…
I offer this by donation, please know that many hours goes into preparing events like this, from the inspiration, to have the courage to follow it through, the advertising, to the set up and clean up, and the presence and heart space during the offering, and of course, tissues ????
I welcome you with open arms, rain, hail or shine, I have space outside and inside to meet you and your soul.
Come together 3pm, meditation 3.30, cuppa after.
Please book a space with tickets, inside space is limited, outside space is expansive.
Angle parking on road side please


Dec 10 2023


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Melbourne, Victoria
2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Melbourne, Victoria
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