New Moon Magic -on line

New Moon Magic

Women have come together for eons to work with the innate cycles in their bodies, and the cycles of the moon.  

In the energies of this February New Moon, Jennie assists us to connect to our hearts to find the clarity that we so desire in our lives.

We work together in a group, as this helps to magnify the intentional energy.  

You will learn tips and tools to work with the new moon, crystals, and be bathed in healing energy of the Diamond Light Healing Centre.

Event will be between 2-3 hours depending on numbers. 

It’s powerful, and so much fun. Can’t wait to see you all here!

Jennie is a spiritual and energy healer of over 20 years, she teaches that It’s all about energy, intention, and by coming together, we magnify the power of every bodies intention. 

So whatever you are wanting to change in your life, finances, health and wellbeing, relationships, goals, etc, now is the time to come together.

Limited spaces, so be in quick.  


Feb 11 2024


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm




2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Melbourne, Victoria
2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Melbourne, Victoria

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