New Moon Manifesting – On Line

Women have come together for eons to work with the innate cycles in their bodies, and the cycles of the moon.
On this New Moon, Jennie assists us to find the clarity that we so desire in our lives.
You will learn tips, techniques and tools to work with energy, crystals, intentions, and lots of other energetic information which assists in helping you to change your current experience into something you so desire.
We take some time to reflect on what has been last month, what changes you would like in your life and how to place a clear intention to the universe.
It’s all about energy, intention, and coming together, such a great night if you are ready for something new in your life.
I have connected with some participants from last month, and changes have certainly happened for them in regards to their intentions we did last New Moon.
Exchange $15 payable by direct debit I will send you a zoom link, once received, please RSVP Ph 0438 706 135

This event is held monthly as close to the New Moon as possible.


May 19 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




On line

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