The Keys to your Dynamic Self – a Six week online Awakening Course

This Course is now fully booked, we will be running it again in 2022, if interested, please be in touch.

Within each and every one of us there is a seed of potential. A seed that when nourished will blossom and bloom into the magnificence that you truly are.
What we are offering in this course are the keys that will support your journey of discovering the empowered, wise being that you are.
Over the six weeks you will walk the path of enlightenment, as each week will provide the tools and techniques needed to awaken you more fully to your potential.
Enlightenment is not an instantaneously flash of light and suddenly you know everything, it is a gradual expansion of consciousness that enables you to shift into Soul aligned awareness.
Which is what you will be doing each week as you approach different aspects of self. As you identify certain aspects of self that are stuck, limited or holding outdated beliefs and ideals you will see your life open up to an abundance of possibilities.
You will create your life based upon the version of you that you are becoming, rather than outdated images of self. You will gain deeper insight into why you do the things you do, why you are where you are today and how you can shift things in any direction you choose.
This course is in-depth and at the same time fun.
Here are some of the topics covered:
Getting to know yourself
Inner Child
Self Love
By the end of the six weeks you will have greater understanding of every aspect of self and how to design and manifest the life you desire.
Much Love ?
Facilitated by Jennie de Vine, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Sandy Lee ND (BHSc), Naturopath, Counsellor
Exchange $330.00
Bookings need to be made 1 week ahead by 11th September as you will be sent a journal for your love work, and a set of cards.

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